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There is great debate among Jesse Towey historians as to whether or not the young guitarist was born with a pick in his hands, but one thing's for certain: he definitely arrived with a deep love of both playing and listening to music. This passion has taken him on an academic and career path that has touched almost every aspect of musical production— from playing in and recording for myriad bands to coordinating music for community theater; from teaching music lessons to acting as music coordinator of a residential community for adults with developmental disabilities. As a DJ, Jesse works with modern equipment and software to bring you the digital GDU experience. His extensive talent is matched only by his infectious smile and zest for life.  You will literally never find anyone more accommodating or sweet to work with.


Ever since the tender age of 16, Ali Gruber has been obsessively assembling a vast and eclectic record collection through her affinity for thrifting and her weakness for the elusive and beloved record shop.  After moving to a small town in the Hudson Valley in 2004 where nightlife was frustratingly absent, she decided to take matters into her own hands and started throwing and DJing her own house parties with nothing but two ancient turntables and an old PA. When her friends started getting married, she saw a real void in the local wedding industry, where vinyl DJs were quickly going extinct. Armed with an arsenal of vintage analog audio equipment, a thoughtfully curated record collection, and a soft spot for sweaty dance parties, Ali's now a veteran— DJing weddings and community events throughout the HV and beyond for over ten years and counting. 

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Whether it's DJ Ali rifling through her crate of vinyl or DJ Jesse expertly blending tracks together digitally, we're delivering you the Holy Grail of that mobile DJ experience: inter-generational inclusivity, mindful professionalism, and lovingly curated sets.  Improvisation is our strong suit, bringing you and your guests the expertise it takes to mix genres, eras, and BPMs on the fly to keep the dance floor bumpin' all night. From the Motown sound to A Tribe Called Quest, from Bowie to Beyonce, and all of the girl pop/disco/Afrobeat/dancehall in between, we've got you covered.  We promise. 

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